In the News: Gonzaga students install Beaver Dam Analogs to reduce phosphorous in Newman Lake


November 11, 2021
Spokesman Review | Eli Francovich

In an effort to reduce the growth of algae and invasive aquatic weeds in Newman Lake, Dr. Sue Niezgoda's Water Resources Engineering students are building small dams along Thompson Creek.

These beaver dam analogs, or BDAs, mimic natural beaver dams to slow down the rush of water, allowing the creek's natural sediment to capture pollutants that cause problems for the lake and its residents.

Spokesman-Review reporter Eli Francovich joined the Gonzaga class as they built one of these BDAs.

Spokesman Review, Nov. 11 Outdoors section


beaver dam analog
Drone view of students installing a Beaver Dam Analog.


Beaver Dam Analogs are part of Dr. Niezgoda's Water Resources Engineering courses at Gonzaga