Frog Fact Friday with Biology Lecturer Erim Gomez

Portrait of Erim Gomez, Gonzaga biology lecturer.
Erim Gomez, Gonzaga University biology lecturer, wearing a Guayabera, a traditional Latinx formal shirt.

July 01, 2020
Jackie Treiber

It’s Friday. Undoubtedly, some of Erim Gomez’s students are already on Instagram, flicking through political posts, influencers, and food pics from their best friend. But today is different; today is Frog Fact Friday. Students will probably spy a beloved animation where Erim delivers fun facts about a particular frog. For example, students get a hot take, (in a high pitch) on the “World’s Grumpiest Frog,” otherwise known as the Black Rain Frog of South Africa. Below is last week's answer to the question, "Do frogs have teeth?"



Erim, a lecturer of Biology at Gonzaga University and P.h.D candidate at Washington State University, created Frog Fact Fridays to connect with his students since moving online. The project aims to be silly, fun, and ultimately educational. And while Frog Fact Friday videos are replete throughout his account, he mixes it with nature photography and other biology-related facts. Students get quick, and eye-catching takes on everything from lichen, life in Spokane’s natural spaces, to green-banded Urania moths.

What drives Erim is a passion for saving endangered animals, particularly amphibians. Projects like Frog Fact Friday show that enthusiasm, along with his commitment to hands-on, research-based pedagogy. Erim’s engagement with his field also extends beyond the classroom. After being awarded a $100,000 Bullitt Leadership Fellowship in 2011, he now serves on their board, aiming to protect and conserve the Pacific Northwest’s environment.


Erim Gomez holds frog for demonstration.


But the question we all want to know is, does he plan to keep up Frog Fact Friday once we’re eventually back in the classroom? "I plan to continue to do Frog Fact Friday posts indefinitely. As Iong as I keep getting questions about frogs I will keep answering them."