Zags Share Family News

parents with child on the beach
Yay for Adoption!

November 25, 2019

Congrats to all the new and new-again parents who shared their family news with us. 

happy parents with adopted older child on the beach

’97 Sarah Higginson Davis and Jason Davis finalized their adoption of Ahpraisja Rose, 12, after fostering her for more than three years. They are focusing on the needs of their new daughter while Sarah also works with the State to better train those assisting foster families.


two separate photos, one of parents with baby, one of baby alone 

(Above left) Elliot Marie, to ’08 Kellen and Alison (Guzenski) Green

(Above right) Aditya Noah, to ’09 Rebecca (Tomcho) Gupta and Pulkit Gupta


baby with bright blue eyes

Beatrice, to ’06 Jill Fitzgerald and Jeremy Wear


two separate photos of babies

(Above left) Zoe June, to ’11 Claire Craft and Jacob Hiatt

(Above right) Ethan, to ’07 Amanda (Martin) Klatt and Christian Klatt. Ethan is a dual US/German citizen and 100% Zag.


two separate photos of babies

(Above left) Elise Noelle, to ’16 Rachel (Hallett) Knox and Nathan Knox

(Above right) Evelyn "Evie,” to ’10 George Miyata and Nicole Miyata


 two separate photos of sleeping babies

(Above left) Madeleine Joy, to ’03 Ryan Baker and Michelle Baker

(Above right) Orion Mathias, to ’14 Ariel (Ramstad) and Thor Bongard. Parents say Orion is “For sure a future Zag!”

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