Thankful to Be A Zag

This Thanksgiving, Zag nation is sharing gratitude for Gonzaga.

November 22, 2019
Watch the video above to see a few of the reasons we love GU. Or, read on to hear what Zag Nation has shared on social media.

What are you thankful for?

Thankful Gonzaga accepted me and is giving me a path toward a meaningful life with an MBA.”
– J.L. B.  

"So thankful for all of the lifelong Zag friends & to GU for helping me to become a nurse!!”
Melissa C.

–  Jennifer P.

Having visited Gonzaga as an exchange student for 2 months!”
Seok Min L.

“I’m thankful for my dad who goes to Gonzaga University! Go ZAGS!”
Aurora V.

“Zag friends who support me, near and far!”
– Sarah M  

“For Gonzaga where I met my husband! Forever Zags!”
–  Courtini B

"I’m thankful that my boys have been able to attend an institution where they can practice their faith, pursue their singing passion, meet wonderful friends, and be taught by the best. I’m so grateful for the staff, the students, and the beautiful institution itself that has included my boys.”
– Rosanna V.

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