Buy Me Some Promos and Cracker Jacks: Summer Internship at Ballpark

Rebecca Collins '19 headshot from internship with the Spokane Indians

September 11, 2018

Career & Professional Development 

SPOKANE, Wash. — Business Administration major, Becca Collins '19 shares her experience as a Marketing and Promotions Intern with the Spokane Indians Baseball Club. 

What were the duties of your internship?

As a marketing and promotions intern with the Spokane Indians, I was responsible for helping to facilitate several different season-long and in-game promotions with sponsors like UPS, Taco Bell, and Toyota. This often came in the form of aiding in the operational setup of sponsorship events, organizing on-field promotional games and activities, and communicating with and contacting customers to ensure that the required sponsorship contracts had been adequately fulfilled.  

How did your education prepare you for your internship?

My Gonzaga business education adequately prepared me to be a successful marketing and promotions intern for the Spokane Indians Baseball Club because it provided me with quality communication skills and a basic understanding of a lot of marketing concepts that I utilized in my job. A large portion of my job requires me to communicate with customers, coworkers, and supervisors. Because of my GU business education, I can adequately articulate with others, and I understand the importance of marketing when I am setting up promotional events and activities. 

How has your internship set you up for future success?

My internship with the Spokane Indians reinforced for me that I want to continue pursuing a career in the sports industry and it provided me with the necessary experiences to see what this career would be like. There is nothing more gratifying than going to work at a place where others find entertainment and going through the necessary motions to ensure that customers have an enjoyable time.  Getting the opportunity to learn and embrace the Spokane Indians’ style of customer service has shifted how I will think about all future customer interactions.