Sponsored Zag Analuz Torres

June 13, 2018

Sponsored Zag Analuz Torres’ (’19) love for Gonzaga started back in March of 2007 while she was just ten years old, watching the Zags compete in the NCAA tournament. She saw then what the University was all about: a supportive, driven community, committed to excellence. Add to that the reputation of Gonzaga’s School of Business Administration, and Torres found a perfect fit for her future goals.

“The visible character of the student body,” explained Torres, “the apparent focus on academics and the sense of unity felt in every aspect from community life to cheering on the Bulldogs in the Kennel at every basketball game made me picture myself there. I could see it was a place where I would not only receive an excellent education, but also thrive and be happy.”

Torres is a driven Zag, with big goals. After finishing her undergraduate degree, she hopes to be a candidate for Gonzaga’s Master’s of Accountancy program, eventually becoming a Certified Public Accountant. Beyond that, she wants to attend law school and pursue a career practicing corporate law.

Thanks to the scholarships she received, which are made possible by generous Zags like you, Torres has found GU to be exactly the fit she’d hoped for back in elementary school. Now, she channels her love of Gonzaga into her work with the University ambassador program, where she takes prospective students on tours around campus and shows them how wonderful Gonzaga truly is.

“Thank you for making my childhood dream of being part of the Gonzaga community a reality,” she said. “I am so excited to contribute to the University and succeed in a way that allows me to serve others.”