A global vision. Meet Sarin "Putter" Tiatragul.

February 19, 2018

Balancing urbanization and sustainability. 

Gonzaga provides the world-class education and connections needed to become a global environmental expert.

Sarin Tiatragul (’16, B.S. Biology), affectionately called “Putter” by his golf-loving father, is a city dweller at heart. But while attending private school in Bangkok, Thailand, he developed an international mindset on environmental issues such as urbanization.

Realizing these issues were prevalent in Southeast Asia, Putter decided he would find solutions or teach sustainability practices at home by becoming either a research scientist or a university professor. When looking to continue his world-class education abroad, he liked Gonzaga because the University offered an extensive science research program for undergraduates. Gonzaga’s close-knit community also satisfied his desire to have more one-on-one relationships with faculty and others in the field of biology.

Putter says he is gaining new perspectives from working more closely with others. He currently serves as Student Assistant to Gonzaga’s Director of Sustainability. Under Gonzaga’s Green Fund, he also co-directs MISSION: COMPOSTABLE, a project to educate students and administrators about sustainability practices for handling compost and waste on campus.

Because of his faculty connections, Putter also was able to obtain a paid, summer research project off campus, where he got the chance to study invasive species. During the project, Putter established ties to a future graduate school as well. Unlimited by borders, and supported by his mentors, Putter is well on his way to helping create a sustainable planet.

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