Gonzaga Law’s Laurie Powers supporting students during bar exam

August 24, 2017
After all of the exams and stress during law school, one might think that the bar exam is simply more of the same. But bar exam stress occupies its own plane of existence in the testing multiverse that can affect even the most seasoned law school grad. Laurie Powers, director of Gonzaga Law’s Center for Professional Development, was on hand at the Greater Tacoma Convention Center on July 26, 2017 to greet our grads as they finished the exam. Cheering on Gonzaga Law grads and distributing ZagLaw bumper stickers and candy, Powers was happy to witness this step of our grads’ careers: “These are the times when the close connection of the Zag community is on display. Lots of hugs and high fives were shared. We are so proud of all of them.”