Alumni Profile: Scott Kasenga ('16)

Scott Kasenga

June 01, 2017

In the Spring of 2016, I earned the Principal/Program Administrator Certificate led by Dr. Cynthia Johnson. As a result of positive support and a rigorous training, I am the first Assistant High School Principal at College Place HIgh School in College Place, WA. Craig McKee, who graduated from the program two years earlier introduced me to Gonzaga . He spoke highly about the standards that the programs holds their students accountable, the support given to their students while attending the program, and the program’s leadership. 


The instruction and guidance provided by Dr. Cynthia Johnson and Jim Whitford helped me tremendously during my adjustment out of the classroom and into the front office. As a first year administrator, Dr. Johnson has reached out to me to assist with this year’s cohort and Jim Whitford has stopped by my high school twice to make sure I was settling into my new position with relative ease.


One of the greatest lessons learned while attending Gonzaga is how to work collaboratively, because education's greatest resource is others in our field. We can solve all our current issues if given enough time to first empathize an issue, create a definition, ideate possible solutions while building a prototype, and finally testing and evaluating our results. If we can provide the resource of time mixed with the experience of other educators most educational issues can be contained.


Working with my colleagues for the betterment of the students has become my best part of my day, because the most challenging aspect has always been a meeting to set up a meeting. Any system can be infected with the bureaucracy. Part of my vision as an educational leader is to support those with a great idea. The idea needs to get into the classroom while the burning inspiration is still ablaze. I want to raise the public perception of teachers in our society. I have worked with two highly dedicated and motivated school districts in my career, and in both always felt overworked, but this is the profession we have chosen. I want acknowledgement through accolades and compensation through funds showered on our current educators. Only then will the profession be viewed on the same level as other occupations in our society. However, this vocation can offer the most rewards you could ever imagine!


Once a professional educator develops relational trust with all their stakeholders, colleagues, students, and parents, true success follows. Know what your strengths are and play to them while recognizing and developing your areas of concern.