To Be Continued

Father Tony Lehman

June 01, 2016

Everyone loves a good story.
That’s why “To Be Continued” is here.

An extension of Gonzaga Magazine, To Be Continued is a place where our storytellers can share their personal reflections on those moments that just can’t be explained in other ways.

Father Tony Lehmann, S.J., one of the most loved and cherished men ever to walk the Gonzaga campus, never said good-bye.  He ended every conversation with “to be continued.” Closing each issue of Gonzaga Magazine – and establishing a University blog – named To Be Continued, is our way of keeping Father Tony’s spirit close.

Here, you’ll find a motley collection of voices and topics. From the President and his leadership viewpoint, to musings from the University’s publications team and beyond, these pieces will inform, inspire or invigorate your love for Gonzaga lore, and life beyond this wonderful thing we call ZagNation.

We invite your comments and encourage you to share what you like.

 *As with Gonzaga Magazine, the opinions expressed in “To Be Continued” do not necessarily reflect those of Gonzaga administration or official policy.

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