Gonzaga Gets Triple-Double from Holy Names

November 16, 2015
SPOKANE, Wash. – The all-female Holy Names Academy in Seattle is well represented in Gonzaga University’s Class of 2019 with 18 women, including three sets of identical twins – two of which are members of Gonzaga’s crew team.

Only three high schools – Saint Ignatius Preparatory School in San Francisco, Bishop Blanchet High School in Seattle and Gonzaga Preparatory School in Spokane – with 19 students each have more graduates in Gonzaga’s first-year class. Eastlake High School in Sammamish, Washington, with 16 graduates, is the best-represented public high school.

Lindey and Lauren English, Ana and Emma Delucchi, and Sydney and Lauren Meany concur that Holy Names and Gonzaga hold many similarities that attracted them to this Jesuit and Catholic university – including a strong feeling of community, great teachers, and a sense of belonging.

“I think it speaks to the inclusiveness and the community at Gonzaga,” says Emma. “I really think it’s exceptional here. Nowhere else have I found the experience that I’ve found here and I think it’s made the transition to college just a little bit easier.”

After rowing together for three years in high school, the Englishes and the Delucchis both were recruited to Gonzaga’s crew team. The Englishes are both nursing majors who chose Gonzaga for its nursing program and close proximity to home. The Delucchis’ grandparents are Gonzaga alumni. Ana Delucchi aims to major in economics while Emma Delucchi is pursuing computer science.

Sydney Meany is studying human physiology and Lauren is undeclared but considering history as a major. Just like the Delucchis and the Englishes, the Meanys also were highly involved in high school activities.

“We both did a lot of sports in high school, we did cross country,” says Sydney. “If you ask any of us, I think we’d say we’re all pretty competitive with each other.”

All three sets of twins emphasized the bond that they and other twins share. The Delucchis are the only Holy Names twins in this class who are roommates. They tossed around the idea with the Englishes of mixing twins in two rooms but decided against it. Both the Englishes and the Meanys agreed they wanted to branch out. Even so, they all agree there’s something special about having all three sets from Holy Names at Gonzaga. Whether it’s grabbing dinner at the John J. Hemmingson Center or just seeing each other on campus and waving, all six young women are excited to be here together.

“I think being a twin is the most fun thing ever, so why would you not want to continue that?” asks Ana. “I feel like it’s a really central part of my identity and I’m really glad we all decided to come here together.”