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Gonzaga University

To Be Continued

This a place for random observations and life-changing experiences alike. Moments to ponder, reflections to share, conversations “to be continued” when we meet again.

woman on rock at shore of sea of galilee

Personal Stories

Words on a page mean nothing by themselves, yet we share words with heart and spirit to enable action and provoke emotion – stories of others that make a difference in our lives.

Social Justice

While selfishness and misdirection sometimes clouds humanity, the stories of improving the lives of the vulnerable and marginalized give us hope.

Global Experiences

Our worldly travels instill a need to share those exceptional experiences in a way that opens the eyes of those reading them.

school mascot and two students distanced in a classroom

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Stories

Stories of inspiration – coping with and overcoming the challenges of the novel coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).