April 24, 2024

Managing Tech through the Lens of Keytronic

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Wednesday, Apr 24, 2024 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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Engineering Management


Bollier 120

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  • Academics

About This Event

Program managers play key roles in manufacturing and computer systems. Keytronic is a leader in design, engineering and manufacturing services, and a VP will explain roles and responsibilities of program managers.

The presentation will provide an overview of Keytronic, focusing on the types of products manufactured and the global nature of its design and build processes. It will delve into the challenges associated with global engineering, including legal and logistical hurdles. The program management group at Keytronic will be highlighted, shedding light on their roles and responsibilities. The preferred educational and career experience backgrounds for program managers will be discussed, along with key challenges they face. This discussion will include insights into similar career paths in other industries, showcasing the transferability of skills. We will also discuss anticipated growth in the industry's need for project or program managers, along with advice on how to embark on a career path in program management, including entry-level jobs and internships.

The presentation will conclude with a Q&A session, providing attendees with an opportunity to further explore the topics discussed and gain insights tailored to their interests and inquiries.

About the Speaker

Chad Orebaugh is the Executive Vice President of Engineering at Keytronic Corporation, with a career spanning over two decades in engineering leadership roles. He holds a BA in Mechanical Engineering from Gonzaga University, where he continues to contribute as a member of the advisory council to the Dean of Engineering.

Orebaugh's professional journey began as an Associate Mechanical Engineer in 1997, steadily advancing through various positions to his current role. His tenure includes serving as Lead Mechanical Engineer, Manager of Engineering, Director of Engineering, and Vice President of Engineering before assuming his current executive position in September 2021.

Apart from his corporate responsibilities, Orebaugh is deeply engaged in supporting education and innovation. He actively participates in the Gonzaga and Eastern Washington University advisory boards, advocating for rigorous curriculum standards to bridge the gap between public and private education. Additionally, Orebaugh is involved in patent examination, demonstrating his commitment to intellectual property and innovation.