April 28, 2023

Andrea Brower's "Seeds of Occupation, Seeds of Possibility"

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Friday, Apr 28, 2023 5:00 PM


Gonzaga Universities Humanities Building at 1002 N. Astor St., College Commons-Room 153

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  • Academics
  • Sustainability

About This Event

Join Andrea Brower, Lecturer of Sociology, for a discussion of her recent book, "Seeds of Occupation, Seeds of Possibility," where she tackles the historical and social conditions that led to the chemical-seed industry's domination and testing of herbicide-resistant GM technologies in the Hawaiian Islands.

Dr. Brower will be joined in the conversation by Wendy Thompson, Director of the Office of Tribal Relations and Women's & Gender Studies assistant professor Noralis Rodriguez-Coss. Both will bring their expertise to the subject of intersectional systemic injustices, and the building of intersectional resistance.

Join us on campus at the Humanities Building (1002 N. Astor St.) College Commons (Room 153).