November 01, 2023

Crisis in the Middle East: Distinguished Experts Discuss Recent Events in Israel and Palestine

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Wednesday, Nov 01, 2023 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM

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Office of the President


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Julia Bjordahl
(509) 313-6102

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  • Global Impact

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About This Event

Gonzaga University hosts a virtual panel on November 1 focused on the unprecedented situation in Israel and Palestine, and its potential unfolding ramifications for the political stability in the Middle East.

As part of the Presidential Speakers Series, renowned scholars and experts will discuss the tragic events of the October 7 attacks, the political and historical context of the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian hostilities, the humanitarian implications of escalating mobilization and violence, as well as the role of the United States in this conflict.

The panel will be moderated by GU political science lecturer Albana Dwonch and professor and founding chair, environmental studies and sciences, Jonathan Isacoff.