November 03, 2022

POSTPONED - Catholic Teaching on Abortion: Critical Issues and Questions

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Thursday, Nov 03, 2022 5:00 PM


Hemmingson 004 Auditorium

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  • Academics
  • Arts Culture
  • Health Wellness

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A lecture by Professor Megan McCabe, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, highlights several key issues within Catholic teaching regarding the meaning of sex and abortion in an educational sense. Students, and members of the Gonzaga community generally, do not have clarity on the specificity or grounding of the teaching or the way it is put into practice (principle of double effect and implications for IVF). Megan will identify and interrogate the theological assumptions at play in Catholic discourse around abortion (the status of the fetus as “innocent,” the failure to offer any meaningful pastoral response to miscarriage), look to how Catholics actually think about abortion in comparison to official teaching, and identify some feminist theological critiques.

Date and Time: TBD