February 01, 2021

Dr. Jennifer Davidson lecture

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Date & Time

Monday, Feb 01, 2021 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM


School of Engineering & Applied Science
Department of Computer Science
The Renouard Distinguished Lecturer Series




Zoom via my.gonzaga.edu/seas. Those without Gonzaga login can request registration from seas@gonzaga.edu.



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  • Academics

About This Event

Zoom link at my.gonzaga.edu/seas (requires Gonzaga email/password - others may request access at seas@gonzaga.edu)

This Zoom event will start with Dr. Davidson’s journey from programmer to software designer to user researcher, a path you may want to follow if you have a certain curiosity about how people interact with technology. Next, she will dive into interesting data from her research studies about people who use the Firefox web browser. She’ll shed light on how research can inform product development in a real, tangible way. 

About Dr. Davidson

“Everyone deserves a say in our technology revolution.” Dr. Jennifer Davidson works toward that value every day. A strong focus on treating users as the humans they are, and enabling a diversity of voices to be heard are ways to get there. She found her passion in shaping and running research studies, whether that be market research studies or user experience research studies. She works at Okta, Inc from her home in Tacoma, Washington. Through the research she conducts, she strives to get the voices of the people heard by leaders in technology companies and product groups.

She received her Ph.D. in Computer Science (emphasis in human/computer interaction) from Oregon State University. She received an NSF traineeship to conduct research in healthy aging.