October 29, 2020

A World Without Intimate Privacy

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Thursday, Oct 29, 2020 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


Online Lecture


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“A World Without Intimate Privacy”
A conversation with Danielle Citron, Professor and Legal Scholar at Boston University School of Law  

Sponsored by Center for Law, Ethics and Commerce and the Center for Civil and Human Rights

About the Speaker

Danielle Citron is a legal scholar addressing the scourge of cyber harassment by raising awareness of the toll it takes on victims and proposing reforms to combat the most extreme forms of online abuse. While she has explored a range of privacy and digital rights issues over the course of her career, much of her work has centered on gender-based discrimination in online environments, where women are disproportionately targeted with threats of a violent and sexual nature.

In her book, Hate Crimes in Cyberspace (2014), and a series of law review articles that informed it, Citron documents the significant harms caused by various types of cyber stalking, cyber mob attacks, and “revenge porn”—the nonconsensual publication and dissemination of intimate photos or videos, typically by a significant other seeking to humiliate a former partner.

Citron received a BA (1990) from Duke University and a JD (1994) from Fordham University School of Law. In 2019, she joined the faculty of Boston University School of Law as a professor of law.