October 02, 2018

Law-Med Panel: Medical Malpractice

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Tuesday, Oct 02, 2018 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM


Gonzaga School of Law Barbieri Courtroom

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  • Academics
  • Health & Wellness

About This Event

In Volk v. DeMeerleer, 187 Wn.2d 241 (2016), the Washington Supreme Court ruled that a psychiatrist could be sued for failing to prevent a murder/suicide committed by a patient he had been seeing for nine years. Under what circumstances should a medical health professional be held liable for harms caused by a patient? What rule is likely to encourage better mental health care? A panel from diverse perspectives will explore these questions.



Professor Emeritus David DeWolf served as a law professor for 28 years with a focus on Torts. He is an author of the Washington Practice Series, Torts.
Michael Riccelli is an experienced plaintiff attorney who focuses on personal injuries caused by medical malpractice.
Steve Dixson is an experienced defense attorney who represents healthcare providers in medical malpractice claims.
Jan Dobbs is the Chief Operating Officer for Frontier Behavioral Health, which provides outpatient and inpatient behavioral healthcare services.


About the Law-Med Workshop Series:
The Law-Med Workshop was designed and implemented by a team of faculty and students from Gonzaga University School of Law and the University of Washington Medical School. This pilot program is designed for law and medical students to learn in a cross-disciplinary environment.

For more information please contact:
Dr. Pam Kohlmeier at pkohlmeier@lawschool.gonzaga.edu
Professor Lisa Bradley at bradley@gonzaga.edu

Pizza and soda to be provided by Witherspoon Kelley.