The Doctoral Program curriculum follows an interdisciplinary, liberal arts design with a focus on four dimensions of leadership studies: personal systems, organizational systems, global systems, and research.

Students satisfy the liberal arts component of the degree through electives. Courses that have a title of “Leadership and…” have an especially strong emphasis in the humanities and enhance interdisciplinary thinking about leadership. The research component is satisfied through core and required courses, dissertation credits and can be supplemented with selected electives.

Students are encouraged to develop a concentration in the personal, organizational, or global systems dimensions by taking at least nine additional hours of elective coursework related to one specific dimension.

Each professor designs a course to fit her/his own background, education and special topical area and thus in-depth knowledge. The course syllabus is the best resource of information about the assignments and requirements of each course. The course may change from semester to semester and even within the semester as the professors respond to student interests, issues, and their own growing knowledge of the field of leadership.

An ability to read and write is a fundamental component of any Ph.D. program. Some instructors may assign pre-first session reading and writing assignments.

Students should expect significant reading assignments; an average of as much as 200 pages of reading material per course each week is possible in some courses. Reading is preparatory for course session discussion and is also required in research for written assignments.

Writing is required to facilitate and demonstrate learning in the field of leadership. The program emphasizes scholarly writing which is vastly different from writing done in business and popular media. Writing assignments vary, but all will require scholarly (APA 6) format and rigor.

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All Are Welcome Here
All Are Welcome Here

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