Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) for individuals seeking initial preparation and licensure as a Registered Nurse (RN)

Grounded in Jesuit and Nursing traditions, the pre-licensure BSN nursing program offered by the Department of Nursing at Gonzaga University focuses on the values of servant leadership, social justice, community, and reflective practice. Students learn to promote health, to care for patients with acute and chronic illnesses, and to support patients and their families at the end of life. The BSN program builds on the curricular themes of servant leadership, social justice, community, and reflective practice. The concept of Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) serves as the organizing framework for the curriculum. One application of this concept is that students initially care for individuals with more predictable healthcare needs. As they progress in the program, they learn to care for individuals, families, and populations with increasingly more complex healthcare needs in highly complex organizational settings. 

BSN Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, graduates are able to assume a generalist nursing role with their practice grounded in the principles and processes of:

  • safe, competent and ethical care
  • effective communication
  • leadership
  • professionalism

Program Overview

Most students are admitted to the pre-licensure BSN program as freshmen. At the time they submit their applications to Gonzaga University, prospective students indicate their interest in the nursing major. If offered admission to GU, they then undergo a second review by the Nursing Department before being accepted as nursing majors. As freshman nursing majors, students begin the process of completing the GU core requirements and the nursing pre-requisite courses.

Not all students admitted as freshmen can begin the nursing major courses in the fall of the junior year due to availability of quality clinical placements. Students are given the opportunity in the freshman year to request to begin the upper division courses in the fall or spring of the junior year. If more students request the fall semester than can be accommodated, the final determination is based on cumulative GPA in the pre-requisite courses. Students who will be starting the upper division nursing courses in the spring of the junior year have the option of spreading their course work over nine semesters, taking a leave of absence for a semester if prerequisites can be completed within the first four semesters, or applying to study abroad in the fall semester of the junior year.

Current GU freshman or sophomore students who elect to change their majors to nursing are admitted on a space available basis. Information about application deadlines and procedures can be obtained from the Department of Nursing.

Once students begin their upper division nursing courses, they also complete a series of practicum courses that introduce them to professional nursing practice in a variety of healthcare settings. The program also prepares students to take the National Council Licensing Examination (NCLEX) after graduation, which is a requirement for licensure as a registered nurse.


Chairperson: Lin Murphy
Professors: N. Crogan-Pomilla
S. Norwood
Associate Professors: N. BeckhamA. Dupler
Assistant Professors: D. AbendrothM. GorskiL. MiklushL. MurphyJ. RamirezJ. Tiedt
Senior Lecturer: D. Smith
Lecturers: J. Derzay, J. Garrity, S. HarrisonK. Manion, P. Means, J. Miller, V. Navarro, D. Ogorek, B. SengerL. Tochterman

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DNP & Graduate Admission Contact
Virtual Campus Admissions
Phone: (866) 380-5323

BSN & Undergraduate Admission Contact
Marcy Heldt, Program Assistant
Department of Nursing
Phone:(509) 313-3580

DNP Program Contact

Cindy Arlt, Program Assistant
Department of Nursing
(509) 313-3588

MSN: Nurse Practitioner Programs Contact
Molly Wood, Clinical Coordinator Specialist
Department of Nursing
Phone: (509) 313-6640

MSN: HSL & Nurse Ed Programs Contact
Ana Chavez, Program Assistant
Department of Nursing
Phone: (509) 313-3548

RN to MSN Program Contact
Ana Chavez, Program Assistant
Department of Nursing
(509) 313-3548

BSN Program Contact
Marcy Heldt, BSN Program Coordinator
Department of Nursing
Phone: (509) 313-3580