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Giving access to a Gonzaga education, regardless of ability to pay, is an integral part of Gonzaga's Jesuit, humanistic mission. The Gonzaga Scholars Program provides critical access to a Gonzaga education for all talented and deserving students. GSP supplies a constant stream of revenue support, together with the financial aid endowment, to meet the needs of students that might not otherwise be able to afford Gonzaga. The program also provides flexibility for the Admissions office to attract the best and brightest students who, had they not received funds from the Gonzaga Scholars Program, would have gone elsewhere or would graduate with more than double the average loan debt.

Fast Facts on GSP
  • Program founded: 2008
  • Number of students GSP has supported since its inception in 2008: 19 students with full need met
  • More than 50 students have received partial GSP awards from financial aid
  • Average unmet need per student after all financial aid is awarded: $5,000-$12,000
  • Average GSP award per year, per student: $6,200
  • Number of first generation college students receiving a GSP award: 13
  • There were more than 1,200 gifts to the Gonzaga Scholars Program between June 1, 2010 and May 31, 2011 for a total of $296,304
  • Total gifts to the Gonzaga Scholars Program since 2008: 5,460 gifts for a total of $963,974
Students in Your Region Need Your Annual Support Today

Annual gifts are the number one support system for the Gonzaga Scholars Program.  Each year, many students face high financial need and rely upon the annual support of the Gonzaga community to meet such needs.  You can make a difference for a student from your local area by providing access to a Gonzaga education through your GSP gift.

  • Gonzaga Scholars Program recipients hail from Arizona, Denver, Seattle, San Francisco Bay Area, Spokane, and Portland
  • Between June 1, 2009 to May 31, 2010 donors gave an average gift of $154 to GSP - this is up from an average gift size of $117 the previous year.  THANK YOU!
  • Because of your support, you help dreams become a reality.

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