Ristorante Sabatini Class Dinner

Friday, April 25, 2014

Via Panzani, 9
50123 Firenze 

Please contact Katie Doree (doree@gonzaga.edu or 509-868-2908) if you have questions about joining a class dinner at one of our prescheduled restaurants. 

Classes currently scheduled for the Friday night class dinner at Ristorante Sabatini include: Class of '79

Baker Kay guest of Stacey Nelson
Barnard Tim GIF 1971-72
Barnard Mary guest of Tim Barnard
Beaulaurier Lisa guest of Kate Severson
Boake Dave guest of Annette Sikand
Christian Tom GIF 1981-82
Christian Peggy guest of Tom Christian
Christian Tommy guest of Tom Christian
Christian Robert guest of Tom Christian
Davis Megan Maricich GIF 1978-79
Davis Mark guest of Megan Maricich Davis
Fairhurst Mary Law Alum 1984
Flume Vicki Dieffenbach GIF 1976-77
Flume Terry Guest of Vicki Dieffenbach Flume
Johnsen Suzanne guest of Stacey Nelson
Jones Anne Buckley GIF 1976-77
Jones Greg Alum 1978, guest of Anne Jones
Kern Matt guest of Lorna Tran
Kern Maggie guest of Lorna Tran
Loeken Mary GIF 1975-76
Mallahan Jim GIF 1978-79
Mallahan Sheila Evoy guest of Jim Mallahan
Mitchell Larry GIF 1976-77
Mitchell Eileen guest of Larry Mitchell
Morris Liz (Tomich) GIF 1978-79
Morris Scott Alum 1980
Nelson Stacey GIF 1993-94
Orizotti Tressa GIF 1982-83
Peterson Roberta GIF 1978-79
Posedel Brita Wood GIF 1967-68
Posedel Jay guest of Brita Wood Posedel
Posedel Emily guest of Brita Wood Posedel
Powers Jim GIF 1977-78 
Powers Gwen guest of Jim Powers
Severson Kate GIF 1978 
Sikand Annette GIF 1981-82
Sprowls Tom guest of Roberta Peterson
Terry Maria GIF 1976-77
Terry Bob guest of Maria Terry
Tran Lorna Klampe GIF 1967-68
Turner Susan Rauenhorst GIF 1982-83
Turner Jeff guest of Susan Rauenhorst Turner
Venezia Steve GIF 1974-75
Vogelheim Charlie GIF 1976-77
Vogelheim Christine Kelley GIF 1976-77
Walker Kristin GIF 1989-90
Walker Dianna guest of Kristin Walker
Katie Doree
G-I-F 50th Anniversary Liaison
(509) 868-2908