What is TMP?

What is Tomorrow Made Possible?

Tomorrow Made Possible is a campus-wide event intended to engage and educate students about the importance of giving. Most importantly, Tomorrow Made Possible is an opportunity for Gonzaga students to thank donors for the transformational experience their generosity helps to provide.

Every year, the University supplements student tuition with thousands of dollars of additional support, with the goal of making education as affordable as possible. Each department on campus is reliant on philanthropic gifts in order to provide the best Jesuit education and student experience possible. This could not be achieved without the financial support of alumni, parents, friends, faculty and staff to help offset the total cost for a student to attend Gonzaga.

What is #ZagDonorLove?

#ZagDonorLove is the hashtag to show or view how the Gonzaga community is celebrating donors. Students are encouraged to tag their pictures and posts to social media using this hashtag so they become easily searchable for donors to see the appreciation meant to be shown on this day. There is also an Instagram contest being held where judges will award a prize for their favorite photo posted and tagged with #ZagDonorLove.

Clicking or tapping on the linked hashtag on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram will show you all of the posts tagged with #ZagDonorLove. You can also find them at gonzaga.edu/TMP.

What inspires donors to give?

The entire Gonzaga community is inspired by what possibilities the future may hold for GU students. Whether the gift is $10 or $10 million, each gift has an incredible impact on the quality of a Gonzaga education, allowing GU to develop the leaders of tomorrow.

How do gifts keep the total cost of education lower?

The actual cost of attending Gonzaga is greater than the amount that comes in through tuition and fees. Gifts help to close that gap. Without private support, tuition would need to be increased substantially to cover all that goes into the Gonzaga experience.

Where does the money that Gonzaga receives from donors go?
  • Donor funding helps to support students’ financial obligations through scholarships.

  • The Foley Library, Jundt Art Center, McCarthey Athletic Center, Rudolf Fitness Center and the Student Chapel and more were all made possible by philanthropy.

  • Donor support enhances the classroom experience by updating technology and lab equipment and expanding research opportunities.

  • Student life programming and involvement opportunities through Student Activities, University Ministry and CCASL are also made possible through gifts to the University.

How can you stay connected to Gonzaga?

University Relations reaches out to alumni, parents and friends to encourage their lasting connection and involvement with Gonzaga. We hope you, too, will one day choose to stay connected and support the University. After all, it is our hope that you will be a Zag for life!

Also, stay connected to other Zags by joining Gonzaga's mentoring and networking program GAMP and your local Gonzaga Alumni Chapter.