Who's coming to the reunion?

Updated 11/20/2013

Registered for Reunion in Florence

Blizzard Barbara GIF 1964-65
Levin  Frank guest
Miller Alice GIF 1965-66
Dangler Richard guest
Semerad Dino GIF 1965-65
Semerad Joanie GIF 1965-66
Tangaro Sonny GIF 1965-66
Tangaro Kathy GIF 1965-66
Smith Patricia Eakin GIF 1966-67
Mankin Lee GIF 1967-68
Mankin Vicki guest
Fulham Marcia GIF 1969
Fulham Tom GIF 1969
McCarthey Tom GIF 1969-70
McCarthey Mary  guest
Worner Richard GIF 1969-70
Worner Cathy guest  
Okief James GIF 1969-70
Okief Nancy GIF 1969-70
Cochran Harold GIF 1970
Cochran Valerie guest
Dressman Mark guest
Dressman Mac guest
McCarthey Phil GIF 1973
McCarthey Sandy guest
Peters Jeanne Perasso GIF 1974
McCarthey Sarah GIF 1975-76
Ross Susanna Royce  GIF 1976
Ross Bill guest
Sammons Chloe guest
Haslach Patricia   GIF 1976-77
Kane Anna Sangiacomo GIF 1977-78
Kane Barry guest
Jones Anne Buckley GIF 1976-77
Terry Maria GIF 1976-77
Terry Bob guest
Jones Greg Alum 1978
Fossett Bill GIF 1978-79
Fossett Michael GIF 1978-80
Uchiyama Micah guest
Uchiyama Micah guest
Davis Megan Maricich GIF 1978-79
Davis Mark guest
Vogel Paula Petrelli GIF 1979-80
McCarthey Maureen GIF 1979-80
McCarthey Ning guest
Akire Gloria guest
Thomas Nancy GIF 1979
Sikand Annette GIF 1981-82
Boake Dave guest of Annette Sikand
Bradley Patrick GIF 1983-84
Dunn Michael GIF 1983-84
Dunn Kelly guest
Dunn Brigid guest
Tucci Mimi GIF 1983-84
Tucci Mike GIF 1983-84
Charlton Kristin GIF 1985-86
Kleinheinz Patrice GIF 1989
Montano Chris  GIF 1988-89
Mullan Elizabeth Keyser GIF 1989
Walker Kristin GIF 1989-90
Walker Dianna guest
Weitz Sue guest
Worley Russell guest
Hammond Christine GIF 1991
Peroff Shawn GIF 1993
Peroff Cathy guest
Robberson Janine GIF 1994-95
Smith Marney GIF 1994-95
Fleck Ann Blackwell GIF 1995
Fleck Ann   GIF 1995
Horwath Angela GIF 2001
Horwath Jon guest
Wilks Jon guest
Monethi Rowena Beaudry GIF 2004
Monethi John guest
Ramos Angi GIF 2009
Thompson Tana GIF 2010
Johnston Molly GIF 2011
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