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Welcome to our advising page.

If you would like a copy of our recommended Human Physiology Degree Plan, or the latest Degree Guide just click on these links.

Degree Guide

Human Physiology Degree Progression (This helps answer your questions regarding the order in which you should take all of your courses).

In addition to the degree progression, you will find some straightforward answers to Frequently Asked Questions by our new majors below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What pre-requisites do I need for PT school?

A: In general, if you complete the BS in Human Physiology you will have all the necessary pre-requisites. However, you should look up the particular schools you might apply to just to be sure. For more detail on this from the Physical Therapist Centralized Application Service (PTCAS), click here.

Here is what PTCAS data indicates.


98% require at least one course in anatomy, physiology, anatomy & physiology I (A&P I), or anatomy & physiology II (A&P II)

2% do not require a course in anatomy, physiology, anatomy & physiology I (A&P I), or anatomy & physiology II (A&P II)



85% require one or more courses in biology or biological science

15% do not require a course in biology or biological science

Sub-categories below are mutually exclusive

36% require one (1) course in biology or biological science

44% require two (2) courses in biology or biological science

5% require three (3) courses in biology or biological science



98% require one or more courses in chemistry

2% do not require a course in chemistry



99% require one or more courses in physics

1% do not require a course in physics



25% require one or more courses in math

75% do not require a course in math

Q: Does HPHY 485 count as upper division elective?

A: Yes, but only two credits count towards your elective. Consequently, you will need to additional upperdivision elective credits to meet your requirement.


Q: If I missed HPHY 105 as a freshman and I am a sophomore and currently enrolled in HPHY 241, do I need to also take HPHY 105 next spring?

A: No, you will however need to take an additional 3 credits of science or math (that is not required for the HPHY degree) to substitute for HPHY 105. Your advisor will be the person to approve the course you wish to use to substitute for HPHY 105.


Q: How can I do study abroad as a Human Physiology major?
A: You can most easily study abroad during the summer and can take some of your University Core courses then. Otherwise, it's possible to study abroad during a semester or for an academic year; however, this will likely delay your graduation by one year.

Q: What if I can't enroll in required classes through Zagweb?

A: Check the undergraduate catalog to be sure you have completed all of the prerequisites for the course in which you are trying to enroll. Also, check Zagweb to see if the course is already full (see maximum enrollment column and compare the numerator – the number of students currently enrolled, to the denominator – class maximum). If you have met the prerequisites and the class is full, obtain a course authorization form for each course and lab you would like to add and get your advisor's signature and seek the signature and initials of the instructor for that course. An instructor may or may not give you permission to add his/her class. If you do get the instructor's permission (initials and signature) then obtain the signature of the department chair, and take the completed course authorization form to the Registrar's Office to be added to the course.

Q: What if I don't meet the prerequisite grade to proceed to the next course in the Human Physiology sequence?
A: You can repeat the course at Gonzaga for a better grade. This may delay your progression toward your degree, but will have the biggest impact on your gpa, and will help you progress in the Human Physiology degree program. Another option is to take the course at another four-year institution and earn a C or better for transfer credit. Make sure you get your advisor's input and complete a Petition for Substitution form and a Permission to Transfer Credit form (these are available in the Registrar's Office) to get approval for transfer credits before you enroll in the course.

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