Gonzaga English Mentor GEM

ESL International Students


A very valuable and unique part of Gonzaga's ESL Program is the GEM (Gonzaga English Mentor). A GEM is an undergraduate Gonzaga student who is interested in assisting ESL students with their new life in America. Typically, there are three to five GEMs per session. Each GEM works with a small group of ESL students and helps with the following:

  • Orientation
  • Planning fun activities such as sports, movies, shopping and group dinners
  • Answering your questions about American culture, Spokane and Gonzaga
  • Giving tours of the Gonzaga campus and downtown
  • Showing you how to use public transportation
  • Anything you need, Gems can help!

ESL International Students

You are invited to their weekly meetings to plan activities for ESL students. They are your guides and your friends. you will also receive a weekly newspaper informing you about the activites and other special events happening in Spokane.

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