We understand that all members of our community are anxious to learn when COVID-19 vaccines may be available. The following are updates on what we currently know about the State of Washington’s vaccine roll-out plan.

Last week, Washington State’s Department of Health issued this phased plan/timeline for vaccine distribution. Our state is currently in Phase 1B, Tier 1 of vaccine distribution.

When can I get the vaccine?

In visiting DOH’s web site, you will find a series of questions in the Phase Finder that can help you identify where you fit within the vaccination plan. Because the parameters are specific to living/working arrangements and personal health conditions (among other factors), members of our campus community will fall into many categories of priority. We encourage you to conduct this self-assessment, answer questions honestly, and take advantage of vaccination availability as soon as possible. In addition, community members are encouraged to contact their own health care provider to discuss vaccination eligibility and timing.


Where can I get the vaccine?

The Spokane Regional Health District recommends that employees and students who qualify per the phased plan participate in the Spokane Arena mass vaccination clinic, anticipated to open Wednesday, January 27. Vaccinations will be by appointment and delivered only to those who qualify under the current phase of Washington State’s plan.


Who at Gonzaga has been vaccinated?

Some of Gonzaga’s front-line employees serving in areas such as Health and Wellness Services, Housing and Residential Life, Campus Security and Public Safety, and Plant Services qualified to receive the vaccine within the first phase of the plan, and some have already been vaccinated. Students and faculty who are present in health care settings (internships, practicums) may also be eligible, and some have received vaccines.