International Students FAQ

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has guidance for individuals traveling from various regions. Guidance for your specific country of origin of travel can be found on the CDC website. It is expected that you will follow the guidance prior to your departure as well as the guidance upon your arrival. If you have specific questions related to these requirements, please contact the Center for Global Engagement at (509) 313-3549 or

Generally there are requirements for Covid-19 testing within a certain number of days upon arrival to Spokane, and in some cases upon arrival in the United States (depending on the airport and their immigration requirements – please make note of these when making your travel plans). In Spokane, you can arrange for Covid-19 tests by referring to the Covid-19 test schedule found at or by calling the COVID-19 Hotline at +1 509-313-7070 extension 1.

If this is your first time attending classes at Gonzaga University, you may contact the Center for Global Engagement at (509) 313-3549 or to assist you in coordinating any services you may require during the recommended period of quarantine as defined by the CDC.


Undergraduate Students

Returning UG students are able to complete their coursework for Spring 2021 entirely online and maintain their F-1 status. Updates will be coming soon on the courses that are on-campus due to labs, etc. UG students in those courses are expected to come to campus to complete those classes.

If you are a new incoming international student and you decide to come to campus for spring, you will need to confirm that you are enrolled in one “in person” or “hybrid” course to maintain your F-1 status. Please contact International Student and Scholar Services, at if you need assistance.

Graduate Students

Please contact for information about distance learning for your graduate level courses.

ESL Students

English Language Center

At this time, Session I 2021 will not be offered.

Session II 2021 ESL courses (beginning in March) will be offered through a combination of in-person and remote face-to-face instruction. If possible, we may meet in-person up to once a week; this decision will be made by the faculty and students of each course. Because the majority of each course will be held remotely (online), you can enroll and begin classes even if you are not in the U.S. However, you will be required to attend online synchronously (or "live", Spokane time). Our hope is to return to all in-person classes soon.


The US will not allow entry for most foreign nationals (including F1 students) if you were physically present in one of the following countries within 14 days of travel to the US. Please refer to the State Department website to see an updated list of all countries affected by this order.

Please contact your ISSS advisor if you have questions about this.


New students will be able to arrange airport pick up with Gonzaga’s Center for Global Engagement. Students will be met at the airport and transported by a Gonzaga van to campus or to their off-campus residences. Due to cleaning procedures for the pandemic only 2 to 3 students will be allowed in a van at a time. Pick-ups must be scheduled with ISSS at least two weeks prior to arrival in Spokane. To arrange an airport pickup, please contact your ISSS advisor or email (Note: Only GU students are allowed in the Gonzaga vans due to liability and insurance issues. Any friends and/or family that travel with you will need to coordinate their own transportation.)


Yes, the university will work with students who need a late arrival due to visa or international travel restrictions.

Please contact for more information.


You may still be able to complete your spring semester coursework, as most courses will be offered through distance learning as well, and some courses will be offered exclusively online. Please contact your advisor to explore if distance delivery will work for your class schedule. If you are unable to attend via distance delivery, students may defer admission for a semester or one academic year. Learn more about the deferment process.

For graduate level international students, please contact for information about distance learning for your graduate level courses.


English as a Second Language (ESL) and Global Bridge Track students can defer as many times as needed. 

Global Bridge 1 students can defer for up to one academic year, with readmission guaranteed. Gonzaga cannot guarantee scholarships for students who defer. A short application and final transcripts of coursework or exams is required to activate the readmission process. 

Please contact Theresa Howlett or Katie Nollenberger to discuss options for deferring ESL and Global Bridge Track admission.

Please contact Theresa Howlett to discuss options for deferring Global Bridge 1 admission.

Added July 23, 2020

Students who will travel to campus for the Spring 2021 semester will be issued an I-20 for Spring 2021.

Students who are not able to travel to campus for the Spring 2021 semester and, instead, will be studying remotely from home, will be issued an I-20 for Fall 2021. This will allow travel to the US to attend courses in person.

If you have any questions about your I-20 or immigration status, please contact International Student & Scholar Services at

Updated December 04, 2020

If you need bedding or housing items available to you immediately upon arrival, we encourage you to order them online and have them shipped to the ISSS office. If items are delivered on time, we will deliver them to your room before your quarantine. If you would like to choose this option, please contact ISSS at

For information about food delivery and other resources, please see the student quarantine guide.

Note: Students who are quarantining due to travel guidance and have not been exposed to a known case can be permitted to shop for  essential items including food and hygiene products prior to entering quarantine. If a student reports an exposure, they will need to use  the meal/grocery delivery systems we have in place to support student in quarantine, which can be made through the  CART. After entering quarantine, students will be expected to follow all quarantine expectations including remaining within their room and no visits from members outside of their household.


Due to COVID-19 related concerns, international student pre-orientation will be hosted online. New international students coming in for Spring 2021 will participate in general student orientation; please take note of events and information from First Year Experience. International students will be provided with links to live pre-orientation Zoom sessions related to immigration, safety, and international student specific information outside of general orientation.

Updated December 16, 2020

Yes. Your Lewermark health insurance covers COVID-19 related care and testing. Information about how to use your student insurance will be part of your online orientation.

If you have any questions, please contact Katuska Kohut at