Dining & Meal Plans FAQ

The following is subject to change based on campus population, programming, and State and Local guidelines relating to COVID

Dining Overview 

What are my meal plan options with the COVID restrictions?


Prior to the start of fall semester, all dining locations, including the main dining hall "The COG," underwent many updates to ensure the safety and health of our students. For The COG, hours remain the same as the fall or may be extended for normal operation standards. Upon entry, students swipe their Gonzaga ID card and an attendant monitors and is available to provide support. Meals consist of a variety of Grab and Go options, along with limited dine-in seating as allowable by State and local Guidance. To eliminate congestion between floors, The COG mirrors menus on the 1st and 2nd floors, including Grab and Go Pick 3 items along with special dietary consideration items.

Seating is designed to maintain physical distancing and tabletop signs are used to show if a table has been cleaned or not. The dining room is sanitized on constant rotation, there is disposable dishware and flatware for all meals and service attendants serve hot and fountain beverages to eliminate touchpoints on these high traffic stations.

Other Dining Facilities

Hemmingson Room 220 has been transitioned into Grab and Go with expanded Pick 3 Offerings including pre-built salads/sandwiches, allowing students another easily accessible location for food to-go. Cataldo Hall has been expanded to also including The Globe Room. 1887 exclusively offers Grab and Go options, along with a rotating hot entrée option, while The Globe Room offers Simple Servings and Vegan options. Breakfast has been added to 1887. Due to physical distancing needs, Contemplative Café is closed to allow for additional space within the building.

Within Hemmingson Center, there are physical distancing measures and traffic flow requirements at The Marketplace, Starbucks and Hand Crafted. The Bulldog restaurant offers dine-in service at a reduced capacity and with physically-distanced seating. 

Breakfast and lunch at Duff’s Bistro are swipe Pick 3 Grab and Go options, while offering its favorite menu items from afternoon through the late dinner hours.  

Margie’s in Tilford and Café Lawte in the Law School, remain open to serve those areas of campus. 

If you haven’t already, we recommend you download the GrubHub app for mobile ordering and signing up for the campus portion to see all on-campus locations available for ordering ahead. This option will be available at all retail locations and will further assist in alleviating long wait times in line.

With the ever-changing needs of the campus, and continual government restriction changes, current plans may change. We will be working diligently with the campus and all state and local regulatory agencies to ensure that our services align with the most updated requirements. We appreciate your patience and understanding through these evolving times and know that we are working tirelessly to ensure you are not only safe and healthy, but also being fed to the high standards of Zag Dining and Gonzaga University.

As was required in the fall semester, if you are a 1st or 2nd-year student residing on campus, a resident dining meal plan is still required. The COG and 1887 allow for limited dine-in and to-go options. Meals in these locations consist of both hot and simple serving offerings. The student’s favorite “Pick 3” meal is also available and provides a quick, easy way to get food on the run. “Pick 3” offerings take into consideration special dietary needs.

Resident Dining plans are still available to all students, on and off campus, via your student accounts portal. 

Students are also able to purchase Community Meal plans, which are purchased via the ZagDining.com website. 


Resident Dining plans include swipes and Bulldog Bucks; the swipes expire at the end of the semester and the Bulldog Bucks roll over to the next semester if any remain.

Community Meal plans include only meal swipes, but these never expire. They are available for you to use until they are gone!


The COG, 1887 at Cataldo, The Globe Room, plus additional Pick 3 locations for a quick grab and go option (2nd floor COG, Welch Hall, Duff’s Bistro)

*These locations will vary as needs arise throughout the semester.


Bulldog Bucks are a part of all resident dining meal plans and can be used at any of the Zag Dining retail locations on campus. These are also available to use at a number of off-campus locations, which you can find a list of on Gonzaga’s website.


No, at this point in the semester you cannot change your dining meal plan but can upgrade as the semester continues.

Updated February 02, 2021

Yes, we recommend meeting with our Registered Dietitian to ensure that you are able to navigate the dining services throughout campus. Our Dietitian conducts meetings with students at no costs to help alleviate any concerns and to find the best ways to use each location for your specific needs.


For retail outlets, you can order ahead through the GRUBHUB app; you can even use your Bulldog Bucks to pay through the app for even further convenience.


At this time, and depending on campus population, both the COG and Cataldo Dining halls will continue to be open for dine-in (seating capacities allowable by State and Local Guidance) and to-go options. The COG offers 3 full stations (mirrored on each floor), consisting of 2 hot and fresh entrée items and a quick grab and go option. Included in these are the Simple Servings (allergen-free) and Vegan menus as well. 1887 at Cataldo serves to-go options along with a rotating daily hot entrée. The Globe Room offers the Simple Servings station (allergen-free) and Vegan entrée for that location. Additionally, there are added locations for quick to-go options across campus. Bulldog Bucks, which come with all Resident Dining meal plans, can still be used at Starbucks, Wolfgang Puck, The Bulldog, The Marketplace, Duff’s Bistro and cafes across campus.

Meal plans ensure food security during the semester. With a meal plan, you are well served, and the work is done for you. The dining plan will make available food for you so you can focus on your studies, have quick access to great, wholesome, and well-balanced menus to ensure your day flows smoothly and you can manage your schedule with ease. Having a dining plan also gives you unlimited access to the special events, promotions and offers that are provided through the program.

Updated December 04, 2020

There are a variety of menu items and services available. A menu that rotates over 5 weeks with additional staffing to ensure the safety and well-being of students including sanitation, programming, much planning and daily execution increases the expense of the program. This additional expense is not passed on to students; in fact, we designed a balanced program and look forward to meeting and exceeding your expectations.


During this unprecedented time, we are mindful of the many concerns our parents and students have regarding life on campus during this academic year. Months of deliberate and thoughtful planning went into creating an environment focused on safety and security of our entire Gonzaga Community. We continue to make adjustments and decisions in our programs in conjunction with local health professionals and following the guidance set forth by local and state government. With this in mind, we will continue to require our 1st and 2nd year students who reside on campus to hold a resident meal plan. We are confident that our food service programs led by the Sodexo team will continue to provide for safe, healthy and flexible nourishment of our students. These programs include additional locations for dining as well as eat in and grab and go options that allow our students to eat in the dining hall or pick up meals and dine in a location of their choice.

Should there be challenges in regards to medical needs that you would like evaluated through our standard meal plan exemption process, if you have not yet done so, please submit a Meal Plan Solutions Exemption Request (myGU login required). If your family’s financial situation has changed, and you would like to submit a financial aid appeal for more funds, please submit a Special Conditions Appeal form to our Financial Aid Office. Meal plan exemption requests are evaluated based on FAFSA financial information or are assigned to our Disability Access team who will work with you or your student through the accommodations process. We are doing our best to address the submissions that have been received and thank you for your patience as we complete reviews. We will reach out to you for additional information or determination as soon as your request has been processed.

We assure you that we are continuously evaluating the current situation to ensure that we are providing a safe and healthy environment for all of our community members.