Pre Law Information

The Pre-Law advising program offers preparation for students who are interested in pursuing entrance to law school upon completion of their undergraduate studies through a track of suggested courses and LSAT exam preparation. The program is intended to provide students with the skills necessary to analyze complicated texts, think critically, form clear and effective arguments, and become strong writers. While the advising program does not award a degree or certification, it allows students the flexibility to major in the academic programs that interest them most and provides a solid foundation in political science, statistics, economics, history, and philosophy.

Each year, the Pre-Law advisor recommends courses appropriate for the interests and needs of each Pre-Law student.

In addition to academic preparation, law schools also consider students' achievement on the LSAT, personal experiences, and extracurricular activities that indicate dedication, ambition, and high ethical standards. Therefore, Gonzaga’s Pre-Law program offers the following special services:

  • Internships: Available through the Political Science Department’s Public Affairs Internship Program, these unpaid, 15 hour-per-week openings provide contact and experience with legal operations in local law firms, the Washington State Attorney General’s Spokane Office, and various state legislators.
  • Introduction to Gonzaga School of Law Faculty: Regardless of a student’s desire to attend Gonzaga’s Law School, it is helpful to speak with law school professors about the realities of the legal profession. The Pre-Law program can introduce students to the Gonzaga School of Law’s faculty, providing access to their wealth of experience as educators and practicing lawyers. Additionally, frequent opportunities are available to sit in on law school classes.
  • Pre-Law Workshops, Panels, & Presentations: Each year the Pre-Law advisor coordinates a variety of events such as personal statement (a requirement for law school admissions) writing workshops, presentations covering the law school admissions process, and panel discussions about what it is like to be an attorney.  
  • Debate and Mock Trial Teams: In addition to the above services and courses, Gonzaga’s nationally recognized Debate program is designed and promoted as Pre-Law training in analytical and critical thinking, argumentation, and legal research. Participating on the award-winning Mock Trial team offers students experience in trial advocacy, character study, and oratorical skill. Local attorneys often assist students in preparing for regional and national competitions.

For more information, please contact Katherine Brackmann, Assistant Director of Graduate & Professional School Engagement,