Roger Wang


RanJun Wang (Roger)

Home Country: China
Grade: Sophomore
Major: Community, Culture, and Language
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Why you chose Gonzaga:
At first, I only heard Gonzaga from my home-mother who used to be a Gonzaga teacher. Then when I was visiting the campus, I saw all the students looked so happy with lovely smiling faces, and people were so welcoming to help each other; I suddenly felt Gonzaga is not just a place for studying knowledge, it is also a fairyland where everyone respects each other. So, I knew I could have the most meaningful learning career at here, Gonzaga.

What you are involved in on campus/activities you like to do:
One of the most enjoyable activities that I am joining with is the Gonzaga Choirs. We truly love this group as family, and no matter which major you are studying, which place you are from, you are all welcomed to be with us!