Dance Team, Cheer Team, & Bomb Squad

The Cheer Team, Dance Team, and Bomb Squad showcase our student talent and bring so much spirit to our community!
  • Members of the Gonzaga Cheerleading Team enjoy a truly unique college experience. Gonzaga University Cheerleaders are an important part of Gonzaga Athletics. Gonzaga Cheerleaders have become a vocal presence at all Gonzaga men's and women's basketball games as well as in the community. Review this link for more information Gonzaga Cheer and tryouts.

Gonzaga Cheerleading

  • Bomb Squad is a student-led, co-ed hip hop dance team at Gonzaga University that performs at men’s and women’s basketball games as well as volleyball games and events including Freshmen Orientation, GEL weekend, and many more! Tryouts for Bomb Squad are in the Fall (mid-September). 

  • Gonzaga's Dance Team performs at men's and women's basketball games, volleyball games, and community events. The Dance Team is a unique group of dancers who find joy in spending evenings dancing life away with other students who have the same passion!