Initial Review of Complaints

Upon receipt of a complaint against a student, or a report of alleged misconduct, the Resolution Center may:

i. Refer the complaint for further investigation, and/or

ii. Determine that no further action is warranted, or

iii. Bring a formal charge under the Student Code of Conduct.

A formal charge is warranted when the Resolution Center determines that the circumstances alleged in the complaint are sufficient to create a reasonable belief that a violation has occurred and that conduct action is appropriate. The Resolution Center will notify the student who will be provided the opportunity to respond pursuant to one of the Student Conduct Resolution Processes. If information presented during a student conduct resolution process indicates a violation has occurred other than that charged, the conduct officer(s) may find the student responsible for that violation.

NOTE: In matters covered under the University’s Harassment and Discrimination Policy, the Resolution Center will consult with the Title IX Coordinator and the Review and Investigation procedures contained in that policy will supersede this section.

Last updated: 8/5/19