University Standards of Conduct

Every student is expected to observe the highest standards of conduct, both on and off campus and while participating in any activity or program sponsored by the University. When prohibited conduct occurs on or off campus, the University may implement the procedures described in this Code. The description of prohibited conduct and rules and regulations in the Student Code of Conduct is not exhaustive. The University, in the discretion of its officials administering the Student Code of Conduct, may take disciplinary action even though an alleged violation is not specifically contained within the University’s written policies.

  1. Prohibited Conduct
  2. Alcohol Policy
  3. Drug Policy
  4. Fire Alarm and Safety Devices Policy
  5. Guest Conduct and Responsibility Policy
  6. Harassment and Discrimination Policy
  7. Hazing Policy
  8. Identification Cards Policy
  9. Keys, Keycards and Codes Policy
  10. Non-motorized Riding Devices Policy
  11. Posting Policy
  12. Restricted Area Entry Policy
  13. Smoking Policy
  14. Solicitation Policy
  15. Weapons, Fireworks and Explosives Policy

Last updated 8/24/17