Residence Requirement & Qualifications

A student must be a regularly matriculated full-time student to live in a Gonzaga University residential facility. "Full-time" is defined as 12 credits per semester for undergraduates, and 9 credits per semester for graduate and law students. In the event that a student withdraws from classes during the semester for legitimate reasons, exceptions to this policy must be requested from the Housing and Residence Life Office, in writing, within one week of the change.

A student must attain the age of 18 within nine months of his or her first day of classes to qualify to live on campus. Students younger than this must live off-campus with parents, a guardian or immediate family member over the age of 21 unless a special exception is made by the Director of Housing and Residence Life.

Full-time undergraduate students who are under the age of 21 must reside within the University residential system during their first and second years, and must take their meals in the dining halls. As a general rule, if a student has completed four full academic semesters of college since graduation from high school (not including summers), he or she will qualify to live off campus, even if not yet 21 years of age. Undergraduate first and second year students who are under the age of 21 but who are married or living with immediate family in the local area must obtain a written exemption from this requirement with the Housing and Residence Life Office.

It is important to be aware that a written request to move off-campus does not constitute permission to do so, nor should students consider entering into an off-campus lease or agreement unless the Office of Housing and Residence Life grants the written request. In some cases, permission to be exempted from the Residency Requirement will accompany a financial penalty when there is a Rental Agreement already filed with the Housing and Residence Life Office.

All students residing in campus-owned housing are contractually obligated to the University for all fees as stipulated in the "terms and conditions" portion of the Residential Living Application/Agreement.

Last Updated: 8/21/15