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Creating connections on campus is vital to serving our exemplary community. In order to promote our commitment to community, the Office of Community Standards has created presentations and opportunities for outreach to students, staff, and faculty. 

Office of Community Standards Overview

This presentation provides a general overview of the Office of Community Standards, including an introduction to the staff and the missions, goals, and services the office provides.

Presentation length: 30 minutes 


Speaking the truth in love. During this presentation, learn skills for delivering constructive and compassionate feedback to an individual or group that addresses concerns from a place of authenticity and vulnerability with a focus on maintaining relationships. 

Presentation length: 60 minutes 

Creating Group Community Expectations

Exemplary communities thrive when groups set goals, expectations, and standards for living in community. This presentation can be tailored to meet the needs of a given audience and helps participants develop inclusive action plans that demonstrate the needs of and hold all members accountable for collaboratively agreed-upon standards.

Presentation length: 60 minutes

Managing Disruptive Behavior

Coming soon! A presentation primarily for faculty and staff, focusing on preventing, de-escalating, and addressing disruptive behavior situations in campus settings. 

Presentation lengths: 60 minutes

Understanding Your Conflict Style

Coming soon! A presentation tailored to meet the needs of a given audience that provides information about personal conflict styles and tools for managing conflict and reaching resolution. 

Presentation length: 60 minutes

Student Code of Conduct 

This presentation is tailored to meet the needs of a given audience that is designed to provide an overview of the Gonzaga Student Code of Conduct, selected University policies, and reporting alleged violations of policies.

Presentation length: 30 - 60 minutes

Good Neighbor

A presentation designed to improve relationships by addressing disruptive incidents. The presentation includes information about Gonzaga University expectations and tools to help students identify the impact of behavior on community – on campus or in a Spokane neighborhood. For off-campus incidents, the workshop includes information about Washington State laws, Spokane municipal codes/ordinances, and strategies for holding gatherings that minimize community impact.

Good Neighbor is often requested by students living off-campus to develop an action plan for gatherings to minimize disturbances to their neighbors.

Presentation length: 60 minutes

Any of the presentations listed above can be presented or we invite you to collaborate with our staff to tailor a presentation for your group.



Workshops are educational in nature and assigned as part of the student conduct process at Gonzaga University. These outcomes are utilized to help students live a life congruent with the mission and values of the university.


Students who have repeatedly violated University policy or could benefit from extensive and individualized attention regarding decision making appropriate for the Gonzaga community may be assigned Integritas. Students assigned to this outcome will be able to identify and articulate person, and Jesuit values, demonstrate critical reflection on their decision making practices and develop goals and an action plan to achieve those goals. Students in Integritas meet weekly for five weeks and then present a final project after their 5th class on their “way of proceeding”.


“Live Your Values Everyday” (LYVE) is a one-time hour long educational workshop. This workshop guides students in the process of reflecting on their beliefs and values and translating those commitments into living a more authentic life. LYVE creates a genuine and safe space for students to grow through moderate discussion while discovering how the values of the institution align with the values of the student.

Magis Conversations

The Jesuit concept of "magis" centers around a devotion to the pursuit of a better choice, a better path, and a better way of living in service to God and the common good of others.  After being assigned a Magis conversation through a conduct process a trained facilitator will work one on one with the student to help them reflect on their choices and explore options for a better and more critically discerned way forward in the Gonzaga community.

False Identification Workshop

The False Identification Workshop educates students on the laws and policies of Washington State and Gonzaga surrounding the manufacturing, purchasing or use of false identification.  This workshop provides tools for students to better understand their values through reflect and the development of an action plan to better identify what is important to them. 


As a member of Gonzaga community students are obligated to abide by the Student Code of Conduct. Students sometimes express confusion in their conduct processes about what is expected of them while they are students at Gonzaga. RECAP is an online interactive experience that’s purpose is to educate students about Gonzaga’s Student Code of Conduct. Upon completion of RECAP students should have a better understanding of the Code of Conduct and how to ensure their behavior does not violate the Code of Conduct again.

Reflective Essays and Other Educational Projects

During a conduct process, students often display the need to further reflect over certain aspects of their situation or to gain more information about the environment in which they are making decisions and impacting others. The Office of Community Standards regularly assigns students prompts over which to write a reflective essay. These are most regularly tailored to the student's specific context. Student's may also be assigned other educational projects that involve research into existing statutes, communities, or other areas of the social environment in which they are making decisions.