What's up GU?!!

What's up GU?!!

What's up GU?! is a friendly check-in, a weekly email of happenings, and a general effort to keep our Zags connected. Whether you are living in Corkery Hall or Corkery, Missouri, we've got you - Zags. For a calendar of on-campus and in-person happenings click the green circle below, for virtual events, click on the blue circle,  and if you're open to anything, check out Zagtivities, our favorite involvement website.


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Not on Campus? How can you stay connected?

  1. Check out our virtual calendar.

  2. Follow all of your favorite GU social media pages on Instagram and Facebook - we will be streaming live events and updating posts regularly. The didGUknow? Facebook and Instagram pages will try to highlight all events.

  3. Keep an eye out for virtual office hours and Zoom Sessions with your favorite GU students, staff and faculty. We will post Zoom Session links on the calendar.

  4. What'supGU weekly emails - We will continue to email out your favorite email, WhatsupGU?! a weekly digest of events

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Upcoming Events

Next Generation Medicine Webinar:  Making Sense of the COVID-19 Vaccine with Deborah H. Fuller,...
Learn about Careers in Human Resource Management while listening to some of the most bizarre,...