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Around the NBA in 30 minutes

 iZag Radio Show Around the NBA in thirty minutes
Get all the latest news, matchups, analysis, speculations, and rumors about the NBA in just 30 minutes with Suns fan Bryce, Blazers fan Ryan, and recovering Sonics fan Colin.

Bang n Bob

  iZag Radio Show Bang n Bob
Med School is a wild ride! Listen to students from the GU/UW Med School Program as they discuss everything from a day in the life of a med student to tips for keeping up with the demanding course load.

Dillon's Declassified

  iZag Radio Show Dillon's Declassified
You survived Middle School with Moze, Cookie and Ned, now it's time you put your trust in Hailey, Erin and Ally to guide you through your college experience at GU.

Don't Get Me Started

  iZag Radio Show don't get me started
Friends, suitemates, and perpetually extra, Kaely and Emma host a weekly radio show joining their journalist and activist minds to share a rant about what they’ve been yelling about lately.


iZag Radio Show facets
Unravel the many facets of “doing” leadership on Gonzaga’s campus through authentic testimonies from student leaders. Tune into empowering narratives meant to expand our notions of leadership.

For the Culture

FTC explores hip-hop culture, rap music, social justice, and advocacy. You’ll hear many sub-genres of rap and discussions of the power of collaboration when creating songs.

Fresh Radio

  iZag Radio Show fresh hip hop
Tune in with Nick Pullen and Gunnar Ty Conley as they showcase new artists, slept on hits and abstract collaborative projects all in hopes that you walk away with a slew of new tracks to bump.

Gonzaga Gossip Girls

  iZag Radio Show gossip girls
Allie Cosmos and Marly Schatz aim to educate the GU community on the most up-to-date celebrity news, gossip, and stories that they need to know to be smarter than their roommate.

Is it Lit?

  iZag Radio Show is it lit
Become a scholar in the world of pop culture with the help of Maddy Laval and other Zags as they answer your most burning questions on everything from scooters to your neighbor’s flamingo garden.

It's a Small World

  iZag Radio Show it is a small world
Listen in to, “It’s a Small World” with Alyssa Haworth. You will learn about anything from Ancient History to wacky facts! We’re all a part of something bigger in this small, small world.

Kicks and Flicks

  iZag Radio Show kicks and flicks
Just a bunch of friends sometimes talking about sports and entertainment, sometimes talking about random stuff with the hope to make you laugh. We’re a beautiful mess.

Lit Lang with the Ladies

  iZag Radio Show the ladies
If you like vines, funny jokes, bad dating advice, awkward people, and want to find out about cool things to do in life, hit up Lit Lang with the Ladies.

Nicolas Rage

  iZag Radio Show nicolas rage
Grace and Olivia will talk about everything from sea monkeys to what Whoopi Goldberg did last night. We will also playing #killer tunes. See you there!

Patty-T Time

  iZag Radio Show patty t time
A show where some guy named Patrick brings interesting people to discuss life’s mysteries and reflect upon past experiences, in hopes of discovering what life is about!

Real Talk with Real Folk

  iZag Radio Show real talk with real folk
Grab some popcorn & your preferred Coca-Cola beverage and tune in to be entertained with any and all things movies! Brace yourselves for exciting games, quirky guests, and exhilarating movie debates.

Robinson Ramble

  iZag Radio Show robinson ramble
Experience a glimpse into the secret worlds hidden inside your own community with “Robinson Ramble” hosted by your very own on-campus sisters, Alexa and Brittany Robinson.

Soulful Sundays

  iZag Radio Show soulful sundays
Tune in to Soulful Sundays to bring the warmth and vibes of your favorite coffeehouse right to your home. Join Emma to discover new music every week.

Sports, Ya Dig?

  iZag Radio Show sports ya dig
Harrison Takizawa and Arden Cravalho aren’t your typical sports talk show hosts. These two guys are very comfortable with each other and love to bantering on the biggest sports news of the week.


  iZag Radio Show spotlight
Join Ben Asare, a third-year law student at the GU School of Law, as he covers legal, financial, and social science topics that the Gonzaga community and community at large want to learn more about. 

The Journey

  iZag Radio Show the journey
Join Jackson, Jacob, and Trevor for a weekly reflection podcast of their journey as they discuss life experiences, share musical influences and interests, and talk about general college life.

The Late Night Show with Pete

  iZag Radio Show The late night show with pete
Before you hit the hay, join Pete as he travels the internet and discusses popular culture topics with various guests on the only late-night show on air or on campus.

The Melting Pot

  iZag Radio Show the melting pot
Join Aodhan Brown to hear stories from Gonzaga Students and Spokane community members as they talk about culture, ethnicity and race at Gonzaga and the greater Spokane community.

The Plug

iZag Radio Show the plug
Trust Sophomores, Dean Sarenac and Jesus McCloskey, as your plugs for the latest in music, movies, TV, and more while laying down their varying and passionate opinions every week.

Zag Sports

iZag Radio Show zag sports
Join freshman, Ryan Meza as he gives the play by play announcements for all Zag games!

Zags Connect

  iZag Radio Show zags connect
Tune in to hear Kelsey Burns and Brie Douglas as they interview fellow Zags doing great things in the community!

Zags Talk

  iZag Radio Show zags talk
The title really says it all. Whether it’s about politics, culture, or what fellow Zags and University guests are thinking about, Niko Peters tackles the topic at hand and dives deeper into it.

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