Meet the Sub

Meet Terrapene

Terrapene consists of a Jetson computer, which serves as mission control for the entire submarine. The Jetson connects to a microcontroller, which relays commands sent from the Jetson to low level electronics such as lights, motors. The microcontroller also gathers data from positioning sensors, a camera and RFID reader and relays this information back to the Jetson computer. Physically, Terrapene consists of four Blue Robotics propellers for 3-axis movement, and an electronics tray enclosed in a rectangular prism hull. Currently Terrapene can do image recognition with a front facing camera and maintain depth and heading. Scripts can also be run and executed with RFID tags.

But Terrapene isn’t done growing! A newly acquired depth sensing camera will allow Terrapene to tell how far away objects are. A hydrophone system on Terrapene will utilize pingers to locate tasks. A torpedo launcher will give Terrapene new appendages to complete various competition tasks. In the future, we hope to overhaul our mission control system to include machine learning to assist in image recognition tasks.

Evolution of the GU RoboSub