Student Involvement Communication Policies

All clubs must adhere to the Student Involvement Communication Policies

To ensure consistent and clear communication we have developed the following guidelines and expectations for communication:

  • Maintain and Monitor your student group’s Zagtivities page:  Zagtivities is how we know who is in your group and whom to contact and work with.  It is vital for you to maintain current officer and membership information as well as information about your group and its activities.  In addition we will post important announcements, tasks and news items through this site. All events and activities for your student group must be registered using this site. CSI will communicate with your group via Zagtivities. Groups are expected to check their page daily.

  • Attend all required meetings:  While we know you are all busy, in person communication at times is necessary.  Club Officer Trainings and the monthly GSBA Club President Council meetings are mandatory and a good opportunity to exchange information and share ideas. 

  • Check Zagmail:  Zagmail is the official form of university communication, please be sure to check your Zagmail regularly. 

  • Check Mailbox Weekly:  Every student group has a club mailbox located in the Center for Student Involvement.  The club mailboxes are maintained and serviced by the Center for Student Involvement. The mailing address for all groups is the same and we highly encourage you to use our MSC 2470 versus your personal address or MSC box #.  We ask that groups check their club mailbox at least once a week.  Student groups are also welcome to put flyers or other written communication in the mailboxes of other student groups.

  • Social Media Guidelines: Many student groups have a significant presence on-line through various on-line groups, websites, forums, networking sites, social media, etc.  Many of these sites are viewable to large audiences and the postings, pictures, content, etc. is a representation of you, your members, your group and the University.  Your group’s presence and representation on-line should not violate Gonzaga’s Ethos Statement, the Student Code of Conduct or any other University Policies.  The student group and its officers are responsible for the content posted on any on-line sites, or pages that are managed/run by the group.  We ask the officers and the group to do the following:

    • Ensure that postings, discussion, pictures, video’s etc. are in-line with the mission of the university and the Student Handbook, Code of Conduct and Gonzaga Ethos Statement.

    • Remove any postings or material that may violate these expectations.

    Failure to follow these expectations or sufficiently manager your groups on-line presence may result in the group being made inactive until the issue is resolved and/or further disciplinary action.