Student Involvement Travel Policies

All Groups Must Adhere to Student Involvement Travel Policies

  1. All clubs wishing to travel in an official capacity must submit their travel plans via Zagtivities event request.
  2. All clubs must have a pre-trip travel meeting with a CENTER FOR STUDENT INVOLVEMENT staff member.
  3. All club members wishing to drive must adhere to the driver protocol (see below).
  4. The only international travel allowed is Canada and requires a Gonzaga full-time staff or faculty chaperone.
  5.  All student code of conduct requirements apply to club events and travel. 
  6. Students participating in travel for a club or GSBA event are required to complete a release of liability form for the event.
  7. CENTER FOR STUDENT INVOLVEMENT may cancel a trip for, failure to complete and follow-up on the required paperwork or processes, inclement weather or other issues of safety that may arise

Travel: Getting There & Staying There

Airline Travel, Lodging, and Rental Vehicles

  • To book any travel accommodations, you must complete a Zagtivities event request form.
  • All airline travel, lodging, and rental cars must be booked through the Zags Travel and Expense Office.  Do not pay for any of these in advance as you will not be reimbursed. Your group’s travel is paid for at the time of your booking so there is no need to do a Purchase Request. The Zags Travel and Expense Office will check with you and give you options and pricing before they buy.
  • Rental Vehicle: Gonzaga has a relationship with Enterprise/National Rental Car, if driver is under 25 years of age then the fee is waived. You are encouraged to use Enterprise.
  • Lodging: Gonzaga University prefers our clubs and students to stay at licensed hotels or motels. To stay at a person’s house or VRBO, you must first get permission and complete extra paperwork.

The 12-passenger “club van”

  • To use a club van you must complete a Zagtivities event form. There is no rental fee for the club van.
  • Clubs will be allowed to use the Club Van for Club Travel. The CENTER FOR STUDENT INVOLVEMENT program coordinator will designate which trip/club is able to use the van on a given day. The van must be driven by approved GU drivers who have completed the driver and van training. 
  • The maximum number of days a club can use the 12 passenger van is 6.
  • The maximum number of passengers in the club van is 12.
  • Club vans may not be driven further than 8 hours per day or 500 miles per day.

Motor Pool Vans

  • University motor pool vehicles may be used for trips that fall within a 50-mile radius of the campus.  They must be checked out and driven by approved drivers only.  To reserve a university vehicle, take the driving test, or ask any questions about the University's Motor Pool rental please contact Plant Services at 313-5656.

Taxis and Uber

  • Gonzaga University prefers all students and staff to use a taxi or cab rather than UBER or LYFT, because uber and lyft do not have as rigorous safety requirements as taxi cabs.

Charter Busses

  • Buses:  The University uses Durham or First Student for yellow school bus rentals.  For larger charter buses the following 4 companies
    • Alpha Omega Tours and Charters: 509-299-5595 or
    • Durham School Services: 509-483-0224
    • Northwestern Stage Lines: 509-838-4029
    • Eagle Charters: 509-487-6903

Travel: Driving Requirements, Driver Training & Restrictions

All students driving any vehicle (personal or rental) must complete the following before the Pre-Travel Meeting:

  • ROSTER: Upload your travel documents on Zagtivites event request
  • RELEASE: All students on roster must have a Release of Liability Form filled out and on file with Student Involvement

(a) Drivers must submit annually a Driver Agreement and Car Owner Addendum to the Center for Student Involvement.

(b) Complete the Driver Certification course on-line when driving a university owned vehicle or rental car (see tab: "Become a Certified Gonzaga Driver")

  • SCHEDULE PRE-TRAVEL MEETING: One representative from the club must schedule a Pre-Travel Meeting with the Center for Student Involvement no later than 3 days prior to departure.

Driver Training

Basic Training: All first-time applicants will take an online safe-driving course sponsored by the Office of Risk Management and have a signed Driver Agreement and Car Owner form annually on file. To access the online safe-driving course:

  • Go to the online safe-driving course website
  • First-time users should select the option to create a new account on the right side of the screen.
  • Enter the institution registration code: 0347-RCUE-XY12
  • Create a username and password and provide information for a user profile.
  • EduRisk Learning Portal will provide you with an e-mail regarding your new username and password. Use this to logon, where you will be redirected to change your password.
  • Once logged in, click “Launch Learning Program” under the Driver Safety box.
  • This will redirect you to the Driver Safety page. Make sure your pop-up blocker allows the EduRisk Learning website in order to start the course.
  • Select “DS-101-H Driver Safety Training (Higher Education)”
  • Select the module “DS-101-H Pretest” to complete the pretest
  • Once you have completed the pretest, select “DS-101-H Driver Safety Training”
  • Print certificated and submit if to the Office of Center for Student Involvement

Car Owner Forms (add mileage statement to owner form)

  • For students driving personal vehicles for GU sponsored activities or events, it is necessary for the legal owner to complete and sign an Owner’s Approval Form authorizing the use of the vehicle and identifying the student(s) authorized to drive the vehicle. Copies of this form is available in the Center for Student Involvement.
  • The intent of this form is to ensure that vehicle owners know their cars are being used in connection with a University activity and they will be assuming primary liability in connection with the trip. Drivers should never operate a vehicle with critical safety problems such as brakes, suspension, steering, lights and tires. The driver must ensure that all passengers are wearing seat belts.

Towing a Trailer:

  • Only the GU Cycling Club is currently approved to tow a trailer.

To tow a trailer:

  • Each driver must first complete the driver requirements for GU.
  • Part 1. Step One: Order your DMV report from the state your driver’s license is issued from.
    • For WA state
    • For CA state
    • After ordering the DMV record you will need to bring it to Plant along with your driver's license.
    • Part 2. Step 2 in gaining the ability to drive a car trailer is to:
      • Bring your DMV report and your driver’s license to Gonzaga Plant Services: 1004 North Ruby.
      • Part 3 of the Trailer Safety Curriculum is to watch to brief (7 minute) online videos and take two quizzes. The two videos and quizzes are on are accessible via Zagtivities.
      • Part 4 of the Trailer Safety Curriculum is to complete the in-person trailer safety test with a certified trainer from Avista. CENTER FOR STUDENT INVOLVEMENT will bring a trainer to campus 3 times per year. You must bring your vehicle that you are hoping to tow to the test site. During this test you will first demonstrate to the trainer that you can safely attach the trailer to your car. Next you will drive around the Gonzaga campus with the trainer in your car. The trainer will either give you a satisfactory or unsatisfactory rating.
      • Trainings are offered three times a year. To register for a training please email Colleen at

Driving Restrictions

  • All driving on club trips must be done by an approved certified driver.
  • For trips exceeding 500 miles in length (one-way) use of personal vehicles will be prohibited. Rental vehicles are required for trips that exceed this limit. The university has the right to require clubs to find alternate means of transportation (bus/fly etc.) if the distance traveled is extreme. Trips in which the club is driving 500 or more miles one way are required to have a GU advisor or full-time staff or faculty member chaperone.