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Welcome fellow Zag! It's great to be home with the Gonzaga Bulldogs.

Here at Gonzaga University, we believe in Cura Personalis and developing the whole person. Part of this is having opportunities to develop intellectual, personal, and physical growth outside the classroom. Gonzaga has more than 150 student initiated clubs and organizations for you to choose from to aid in your development. If it's fun in the sun, reading, or professional growth, we hope you find a group that allows you to live your passion.

Types of Clubs & Organizations at Gonzaga

Academic Honor Societies
Are you looking to expand your academic engagement and knowledge outside of the classroom? We have over 30 organizations to choose from! A few include Collegiate DECA, Society for HR Management, Society for Women Engineers, and many more!

Awareness & Political
Are you interested in either educating others or yourself about global and/or environmental issues and politics happening in the world today? We have 20 organizations for you to choose from! A few include Red Cross Club, Speak Up!, Students for Freedom, and more!

Career & Professional
Are you looking to grow professionally, enhance your resume, or to find your niche in the professional world? We have 14 organizations that can help prepare you for your career. A few include Beta Alpha Psi, Formula Zag, Alpha Kappa Psi, and more!

Club Sports
Over 700 Gonzaga University students participate in Club Sports annually, each with a variety of skill levels and interests.

Community & Volunteer
If you like getting involved and giving back to the community, we have 11 organizations that can help you do just that! A few include Circle K, Man’s Best Friend, Setons, and more!

Want to reconnect with your roots or learn more about other cultures? We have over 15 organizations to choose from! A few include Hawaii Pacific Islanders Club, Filipino American Student Union, La Raza Latina, and many more!

Fraternities & Sororities
Gonzaga University does not recognize any social fraternities or sororities. However, we do have some academic and honor societies with Greek letter names, but they are not social fraternities.

Performance, Visual & Fine Arts
Are you interested in performing, designing, or writing? We have 14 organizations for you to choose from! A few include Dance Team, Bulldog Band, Writers Block, Game Design, and more!

Do you find yourself looking for clubs that help you develop hands on knowledge outside of the classroom? There are over 30 organizations for you to choose from! A few include Human Physiology Club, Collegiate DECA, Materials Advantage Club, and many more!

Find fellow passionate religious peers! We have 5 organizations that might tickle your fancy. A few include Jewish Bulldog, THIRST, and more!

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