Student Awards


Magis is a Latin word that means "more" or "better." It is related to Ad majorem Dei gloriam, a Latin phrase meaning "for the greater glory of God."

Magis refers to the philosophy of doing more, for Christ, and therefore doing more for others. This year marks the 30th Anniversary of our Student Affairs Awards, the Magis Awards. The Magis Awards presented on this website recognize, embrace, and give thanks to our Gonzaga University students and staff who have lived the magis, done more for others and our Gonzaga community. These six university awards are presented to graduating seniors; The Philomathea and Carl Lindberg Loyalty Awards, the Sue Weitz Spirit of Gonzaga Award, the St. Aloysius Award for Faith & Service, the Gonzaga Award for Solidarity in Action, and the Ignatian Award.

2021 Magis Awards:

  • Sue Weitz Spirit of Gonzaga Award – Fese Elango
  • Award for Solidarity in Action – August Corppetts
  • St. Aloysius Award for Faith and Service – Isabelle Picciotti
  • Philomathea Loyalty Award – Mikaela Schlesinger
  • Carl Lindberg Loyalty Award– Taylor Sipila
  • University Ignatian Award – Paulina Thurmann

Magis Award Nominees

  • Alyssa Haworth
  • Andrew Briseno
  • August Corppetts
  • Bryce Kreiser
  • Clara Buck
  • Dalia S Pedro Trujillo
  • Eric Av
  • Fese Elango
  • Gabriela I. Morales
  • Haley Wilson
  • Isabelle Picciotti
  • Kayla Crow
  • Leila Lewis
  • Michelle Cuaresma
  • Mikaela Schlesinger
  • Paulina A Thurmann
  • Taylor Sipila
  • Teresa McCarthy
  • Zeb Klement 

In addition to the 6 Magis Awards, individual departments within Student Affairs recognize the outstanding work of students. Take a minute to learn more about our amazing students.

Gonzaga University Student Achievement Awards

Center for Community Engagement Award Winners:

Diversity, Inclusion, Community, and Equity (DICE) Award Winners:

Housing and Residence Life Award Winners:

  • Specialty Staff of the Year - Miata Smith (Northwest Block Social Justice Peer Educator)
  • Residence Assistant of the Year - Miranda Abunimeh

Student Organization and Club Award Winners:

  • Program of the Year - Kennel Club - Tent City - The Remix
  • Outstanding Student Organization of the Year - Students Empowering Women
  • Club Student Leadership Award - Mikaela Schlesinger
  • Outstanding Student Organization Officer - Daniel Weinberger
  • Outstanding Club Advisor - Amanda Braley
  • Outstanding Club Sport - Dance Team
  • Club Service and Philanthropy - Gonzaga Environmental Organization
  • Club Diversity and Inclusion Award - Students Empowering Women

Name (Last,First,Middle Initial)

Elango, Fese, N

Cuaresma, Michelle, G

Kreiser, Bryce, J

Schlesinger, Mikaela, K

Wilson, Haley, M

Thurmann, Paulina A

Buck, Clara, A

Sipila, Taylor, R

Haworth, Alyssa, C.

McCarthy, Teresa, L.

Picciotti, Isabelle, D

Av, Eric, R

Corppetts, August, L

Morales, Gabriela I.

Lewis, Leila, I

Briseno, Andrew, J

Pedro Trujillo, Dalia S

Crow, Kayla, M