Kennel Cares

About Kennel Cares

Kennel Cares is a branch of the Kennel Club dedicated to community outreach by working with organizations and charities to find creative ways to support local causes. The Kennel Club is committed to taking meaningful action in carrying out Gonzaga’s Jesuit mission of service. Both Kennel Club and its branch Kennel Cares are devoted to promoting diversity and inclusion efforts both within and outside of the University by working with D.I.C.E., CCE, Disability, and other on-campus offices. One of the primary reasons Gonzaga’s athletic programs have been increasingly successful is because of the connection we share with the Spokane community. Our mission with Kennel Cares is to actively seek ways to support our local community through fundraising, donations, and volunteering

Looking to get involved?

If you have any ideas for important causes Kennel Cares can help support, or are interested in working with the group please contact: