The Finance team of GSBA oversees the GSBA General Funds, GSBA Club Funding, and the Green Fund. It’s the responsibility of the department to manage these funds broadly, inclusively, and transparently, considering the interests of all members of the Gonzaga Associated Student Body.

The Treasurer oversees all student body funding. Responsibilities include purchasing, recording expenditures and revenue, managing budget by line-item, and working with GSBA officers and senate to make sure the budget is adhered to. The Treasurer is responsible for teaching other GSBA members about the purchasing process and assisting to make sure all purchase requests are valid.

The Club Funding Coordinator is in charge of GSBA Club Funding, which entails reviewing and processing all club funding requests. If the GSBA funding guidelines are met, the request will be sent to the Senate Finance Committee for review. If the request does not meet the guidelines, the Club Funding Coordinator works with clubs to rework the request.

The Sustainability Chair is responsible for all things related to the Green Fund, including garnering and supporting project initiatives, leading the Sustainability Committee, and managing the Green Fund budget. Applications for projects are accepted and reviewed by the Sustainability Committee throughout the year.

 Treasurer: Anita Eti


 Sustainability Chair: Elizabeth Moore


Club Funding Coordinator: Emma Chichester