Clubs and Organizations

 The Clubs & Orgs team promotes the growth and development of GSBA clubs and organizations in both the Gonzaga and greater Spokane communities.The team works to ensure new clubs and organizations can get through the recognition process smoothly, ensure clubs and orgs understand processes for them to travel, use CSI office resources, and how to request funding from GSBA.

The Director of Clubs & Orgs works to holistically promote growth and development for all clubs and organizations and also chairs the Student Development committee within Senate.

The Involvement Coordinator works to put on club and community fairs to promote involvement at Gonzaga and in the Spokane community. 

The Club Funding Coordinator is responsible for the maintenance of all GSBA finances and financial records with regards to the allocation of club funds



 Director of Clubs and Orgs: Delaney McDermott


Involvement Coordinator: Liam McKorkle


 Club Funding Coordinator: Emma Chichester