President's Council

GSBA President’s Council

President's Council

 End of Semester Report: Presidents Council End of Semester Fall 2018 Report 

The GSBA President's Council consists of several university committees, councils, and boards across our institution. The President’s Council serves as a liaison between the Student Body President and the staff, faculty, and administration within the university committees. The President’s Council meets 4 times a year: October, December, February, and April.

Getting Involved: Applications for the 2021-2022 President’s Council will be released in September 2021. Stay tuned for more information!


Academic Council

The Academic Council discusses programs, curriculum, policies and procedures concerning the Division of Academic Affairs. Representatives serve on one of four subcommittees: Assessment, Policy and Planning, Curriculum, and Program Review.

                Trent Smiley

                Gunnar Ingle

                Maddie Simmons

                Joseph Kannathumadam


Academic Integrity Board

The Academic Integrity Board consists of faculty, undergraduate, and graduate students who are responsible for formulating the new Academic Integrity Policy and reviewing violations to the University’s academic integrity policies.

                Larissa Caldeira

                Kathryn Sorenson


Athletic Council

The Athletic Council provides guidance and assistance to the University President and the director of Athletics regarding all aspects of the University’s intercollegiate athletics, intermural programs, and recreational sport offerings. This council serves as the conduit for information, questions, and concerns between Athletics and the student body.

                Hannah Johnson

                Emily Arnesen


Council of Equity, Inclusion, and Intercultural Awareness

The Council of Equity, Inclusion, and Intercultural Awareness discuss and implement changes on campus issues of equity, inclusion, and intercultural awareness.

                Noah Alvarado

                Tara Phung

                Michael Tanaka

                Daniel Rosales


Green Fund Council

The Green Fund Committee deliberates on the operation of the Green Fund by evaluating applications, dispensing funds, and reporting on the implementation of student-led sustainability initiatives.

                Niko Peters

                Marisa Montesi

                Molly Condon


Parking Citation Review Board

The Parking Citation Review Board resolves disputed parking tickets, increases transparency, and ensures fairness through contest ticket review by a panel of peers.

                Gabe Terry


Security Council

The Security Council discusses safety issues and general campus security.

                Brandon (Duey) Duax

                Samuel Hendricks

                Sophia Zink


Student Advisory Board of Foley Library

The Student Advisory Board of Foley Library discusses and advises on issues that affect the student experience at the Foley Center Library. The library will solicit advice from students in order to enhance library resources, spaces, and services.

                Briana Hermsmeyer

                Emily Lussier

                Janessa Tolman

                Gabrielle Schmidt


Student Advisory Board of the Hemmingson Center

The Student Advisory Board of the Hemmingson Center assists in providing planning, feedback, and opportunities to engage the entire Gonzaga community. The board advises GUEST with space uses, needs and governance, community event planning, and program development.

                Lily Copeland

                Abby Serbousek

                Macy Ryan

                Sofia Daly


Student Media Board

The Student Media Board is the governance board for student media that oversees the Gonzaga Bulletin, Spires Yearbook, Charter Journal, One World Journal, and Our Voices Journal.

                Biridiana Rodriguez

                Anderley Penwell

                Ryan Nguyen


University Budget Committee

The University Budget Committee members serve as a liaison between GSBA and the financial offices at Gonzaga.

                Maurie Harbick

                Sara Hutton


Undergraduate Professional Development Grant Committee

The grant committee assists in selecting recipients of the Undergraduate Professional Development Grant. The UPDG is a student-run initiative that provides funding opportunities for professional development towards students who identify as first-generation/low-income. Some of these items include fees for tests, flights to/from conference, attire for interviews, and more. The UPDG provides access to these opportunities that are essential for students’ competitiveness and success post-graduation.

                My Lien Truong

                Natalie Sparks

                Monica Elenes

                Harry Smith

                Jamie Flores