What is the Summer BRIDGE program?

The Summer BRIDGE is a pre-orientation program implemented by the Unity Multicultural Education Center (UMEC). It is designed to assist multicultural students in making a smooth transition to Gonzaga University and the Spokane area. Multicultural students who attend historically white institutions can enhance their academic performance when they build a solid social and support network within that institution. This is where the Summer BRIDGE program comes into play. It complements the New Student Orientation program by providing you with a valuable first experience on campus. The Summer BRIDGE Program introduces you to Gonzaga staff, faculty, and veteran students from a variety of levels. You will build relationships with people who can provide great information on specific campus services, programs, and campus life. Plus, the Summer BRIDGE helps familiarize you with the Gonzaga campus and surrounding area. The Summer BRIDGE helps you to build a foundation and a network that will help you throughout your years at Gonzaga.

How much does it cost? 

There is a nominal service fee to cover lodging and all meals associated with this program. The fee is $50.00 per student.

How do I Sign Up?

To manage the program's success, we are limiting the number of student participants to 60. You can register online or by mailing us the reply card. Registration is on a first come, first serve basis, so hurry! If you have any questions feel free to call us at (509) 313-5836 or email us at unityhouse@gonzaga.edu. Parent(s) and/or guardian(s) are invited to join the group for lunch on Wednesday, August 23, 2010 at a cost of $25.00 per guest. If you decide to cancel your registration, please contact us at (509) 313-5836. However, please note that once your registration fee has been received the deposit is non-refundable.

When Does the Program Start? 

Your arrival to campus is expected on Monday, August 23rd. For further information see the forms and flyers in the BRIDGE website.

Will all of us stay together for the three days and nights?

Yes! All students will stay in a Gonzaga dorm on campus.

What to bring?

Bring all of your belongings to move in to your residence hall.

Pack a separate bag for the first 3 nights of the program. (You will get the opportunity to move in to your residence hall. However, for the three nights of the program you will be required to stay in a different dorm with the rest of the group)

When can I move my stuff into my residence hall?

When you arrive on Monday August 23rd, you will get a couple of hours (from 3pm to about 7:30 pm) to move in to your residence hall. After that you will be required to return to UMEC for the Welcome BBQ. Remember that you will NOT be staying in your residence hall for the BRIDGE program. All the BRIDGE participants will be staying in a dorm on campus together.

What are some of the advantages and what is on the agenda for the two days?

  • Early introductory BBQ and social with other program attendees, program volunteers, faculty and staff
  • Early check-in
  • Early student ID pick-up
  • Early purchases at the campus bookstore
  • Early introduction to some of your faculty, staff and students, who are ready to assist you and answer important transition questions
  • Early department visits to familiarize you with programs/services
  • Field trip, via walking, of cultural sites in the Spokane area; and much more!
  • Become acquainted early with fellow students who possibly share common experiences before freshmen orientation begins

Special Parent(s) and or Guardian(s) orientation:

We offer a Parent Program that allows parents to ease into the transition of sending their young adults off to a new experience. The program starts on Monday August 23rd and ends on Friday August 27th, where parents can take part in the general New Student Orientation Program that starts on Friday.


For those of you that have registered you will be receiving further information on what to expect, what to bring, and tentative schedules that will give you an idea of how the program will run.

Updated: July 2010