How to Zag

How to Zag - Fall 2018


Justin Gambone - Program Coordinator, FYEP, Email:

Orientation is a Process, Not an Event!

During New Student Orientation, new students are told you do not have to know everything in the first weekend. How to Zag provides extended orientation workshops, sponsored by First Year Experience Programs, throughout the entire first semester on topics you need to know now that you are ready to take the next step on being a Zag.

How to Zag events take place on Tuesday nights throughout the Fall semester at 7p.m.

*Schedule is subject to change*

 Tuesday, September 18  Small Group Reunion - Hemmingson 312
 Tuesday, September 25  Foley Library - Hemmingson 312
 Tuesday, October 2  Kennel Board - Hemmingson Auditorium, 004
 Tuesday, October 9  Learning Strategies - Hemmingson 312
 Tuesday, October 16  Entering Communities - Hemmingson 312
 Tuesday, October 23  Thriving Behaviors & Healthy Habits - Hemmingson 312